The HSE has published a leaflet aimed specifically at industries which handle bundles of newspapers. This is a six-page guide which focuses on the practical actions which you can take to reduce risks. Examples of some of the helpful tips it contains are: using high topped vans and those with side doors; marking the maximum level on cages and trolleys to control weight; restricting bundle sizes on returns; adjusting workstations to be at the right height for workers making up orders; and not allowing strapping to be left on the floor where it could cause a tripping hazard.

If you’re involved in this industry the information is definitely something to put into practice. It’s likely to be referred to by inspectors and others as evidence of the standards expected.

The document’s contents are arranged under headings “Task” , “Load” , “Working environment” , “Individual’s capability” and “Other factors” . These headings are commonly seen within the sections of a manual handling risk assessment form.


See the new guidance here –