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The Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme (SEATS) is designed for Site Supervisors and Site Managers. This course is the supervisor level equivalent of the Site Safety Supervising Training Scheme (SSSTS) training course.
This Site Environmental Awareness training course aims to enable Site Supervisors and Site Managers to:

• Understand the environmental impacts of construction processes.
• Understand the relevant legislation and how to regulate it.
• Understand how to achieve compliance.
• Understand best practice techniques to use on site.

This SEATS training course contains the following topics:

• Why is the environment important?
• Environmental Management Systems.
• Ecology.
• Contaminated Land.
• Waste Management.
• Pollution and Water Management.
• Being a Good Neighbour.
• Energy and Resources.

Delegates will successfully complete the SEATS course by achieving a minimum of 18 out of 25 correct answers in a multiple choice examination. Delegates will also have a ‘Being Responsible’ group discussion where they will be encouraged to discuss ideas of how they will implement changes on site.

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This course is accredited by the CITB. Each delegate that passes the end of course Assessments will receive a CITB Certificate.

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