complying with the law
The HSE has updated its guidance “Managing risks of skin exposure at work”.

The HSE has been working through all its publications, updating them with current best practice and legislation and this is the latest example.

The main changes are:

  • references to revoked legislation on chemical packaging have been removed
  • there is no longer a detailed summary of legislation which applies to the subject; and
  • a new appendix illustrates the standard European symbols used by glove manufacturers to show the protection provided


The guidance is written in a way which will enable most managers and supervisors to gain a basic understanding of the subject. It’s punctuated with pictures and case studies, both of which help the reader to put the information into context.

If you’re unsure whether your staff are at risk you’ll find examples of skin hazards and their consequences on pages seven to ten. TEAM Safety Services Ltd can also offer support and guidance on this if required.